Rebecca W

testimonial-rebecca w.png

When I started my fitness journey I thought cardio was the best way to lose weight.

It worked for awhile then I was invited to Impact Zone and it opened my eyes to so much more.

Not only is this place one of the best environments I have been around but Carlos and Lara put so much heart into their members.

They get to know you and are always willing to help anyone in their journey.

There is no judgemental or competitive feeling at all.

They believe in their faith and are not afraid to bring it out around anyone which is pretty awesome.

I get stronger everyday and love the relationships I have made threw this place.

I tried a CrossFit class before here but never went back.

Now because of a place like Impact Zone I go every week and absolutely love it!!!

You will never give up after entering the door.

Make the change and come check this place out!!