March Member of the Month - Chasity Smith and Lydia Trott

Chasity Smith and Lydia Trott

Chasity Smith and Lydia Trott

We love all of our athletes. Once a month we like to honor just one. This is a special month, as evident by our snowstorm April 1st, and so we are honoring two.

This month we are honoring Chasity Smith and Lydia Trott.

Chas has been coming to the 6AM Strength and Conditioning, and Endurance classes since January of 2017. When we started the barbell club she began attending that 2 nights a week. Always striving to be better Chas is a hard worker that is always encouraging her fellow athletes. She has made huge gains in the last year. Even though her life outside of the gym is incredibly busy she always makes the time to workout.

Lydia has been a member since 2016. Lydia also comes to the 6AM class. Outside of the gym she works in the Purdue Vet School and is also an accomplished competitive cyclist. Always smiling she is an indefatigable force to be reckoned with. She won’t hesitate to add more weight or get in one more rep.

Never the kind of people to say no to a challenge Lydia and Chas decided to take on the 2018 CrossFit open. Every Tuesday morning for 5 weeks they came in and did each new WOD. Taking only a short break they jumped in on the last part of the endurance workout for the day.

They are both amazing women and amazing athletes and we are thrilled to have them as out athletes of the month!